Gary Wolstenholme received a M.B.E. from Her Majesty the Queen on 23rd. May 2007 for his accomplishments in golf and in recognition that he has been England,s finest amateur golfer of all time.

Gary has had tuition from Peter since 1992 so he acknowledges that Peter's system produces outstanding results.

Liz Young had her first lesson with Peter in 2008 when Liz had a handicap of + 3 at Brokenhurst Golf Club in the beautiful New Forest,Hampshire U.K.

Liz reduced her handicap to +5 and represented Great Britain & Northern Ireland in the Curtis Cup. Liz now plays on the Ladies European Golf Tour and has improved her ranking from 60th. in 2012 to 20th. in 2014 and 18th in 2016.

Peter can see no limit to her improvement as Liz has a great temperament and Liz follows Peter's instructions with excellent concentration and understanding. Liz now knows her swing is technically good and her results prove that Peter's philosophy, that the shot is a result of a good technique, is correct.

Richard Betts a member of Brokenhurst Golf Club in the beautiful New Forest, Hampshire, U.K. (February 23rd 2015)

"I have been a category 1 golfer for over 35 years and have lessons from many golf pro's, however, none of them have been able to explain how the golf swing works as well as Peter.

His "System" really does work ,I have seen significant results as a result of following Peters guidance. I would not hesitate in recommending any golfer from professional to beginner in following Peter's system to improve their golf"

Pennie Hudson-Ward. a member of Barton-On-Sea Golf Club, Hampshire, U.K. (February 20th 2015)

Peter Says "Pennie is a great pupil as she listens to my explanations and understands them. Pennie won the Barton-on-Sea, Ladies Club Championship in 2010 and I expect more great things from her."

'I have been having coaching with Peter for over 6 years and my golf has improved beyond recognition. My improved golf swing under Peters guidance has enabled me to hit the ball further and more importantly, accurately!  Peters method of teaching is very easy to follow and to understand and it translates seamlessly on to the golf course.

As importantly, the coaching sessions are great fun and enjoyable.'

John Oliver, a member of Barton-on-Sea Golf Club, Hampshire, U.K. (February 23rd 2015)

I am pleased to give a testimonial as below............

"I speak highly of Peter's professional approach to teaching which is refreshingly easy to understand. Once your own individual strengths and weaknesses have been analysed and adjusted in line with Peter's tried and tested methods your swing is on the golf track with confidence.

All elements of the swing are pieced together with clear explanations so you are left in no doubt that Peter's system works. I have learnt that whilst you should not expect to be on track all of the time you can fall back on Peter's instruction and advice through trigger thoughts when playing or practicing to maximise your abilities."

Rachel McApline a member of The Test Valley Golf Club,Basingsoke,Hampsire U.K.

I first had coaching with Peter in 2001 when I had a handicap of 20. We spent the first few lessons getting the Grip, Aim, Stance and Posture right. And even now, 14 years later and playing off 5, we still go back to basics when we need to. Peter's teaching of the mechanics of the swing is logical and based on facts that you cannot deny when faced with footage of your swing on the computer screen.

As a visual learner, I find this approach extremely helpful. The print-outs with written tips serve as fantastic reminders to help me practise in between lessons. Key for me is that the lessons are great fun. I am very pleased with the progress I have made, and will continue to make, with Peter's help.

Peter says: 

Rachel is very easy to teach as she understands completely that a sound technique produces the shot and all of the powers of positive thinking cannot produce good shots with a faulty technique.

Rachel has won the R.A.F. Ladies Championship four times.

Brian Cowles - 6th March 2015

Although a late starter to golf and a high handicapper Peter always makes me feel as if I am as important to him as one of his scratch golfers and I know that if I follow his tuition my golf will continue to improve. I would have no hesitation in recommending golfers of all abilities to his enthusiastic and straightforward teaching.

Peter Says:

Brian can now break 90 and has had a personal best score of 42 stableford points as he responds well to very easy to understand instructions.  

Robert McAlpine (14 Handicap) - 6th March 2015

I would describe myself as a keen but sometimes inconsistent golfer whose game can be an annoying mixture of very good and very bad shots, with only a few between those extremes.

I have had lessons from several golf coaches over the years aiming to rid myself of this inconsistency and I have found Peter Thompson’s methods by far the most successful.  His coaching facility allows me understand much better what errors are present in my set-up and swing and what adjustments I could make to encourage better outcomes.

Some golf coaches I tried previously explained my faults and potential fixes but without any means of showing me what was going on – and some offered far too much detailed information for me to take on board during the lesson.  Peter is careful to prioritise and sequence his observations and adjustments. Additionally, video playback allows you to see what you are actually doing, versus what you think you are doing.  Still-shots of ‘fault and fix’ allow you to visualise what was causing the problem and the adjustment Peter has made to correct it.  His accompanying notes are very useful to consolidate the lesson and remind you of what you are trying to achieve.

I will not pretend I have banished inconsistency.  However, the poor shots are fewer in number; the better shots much more in evidence.  That, I believe, is very much a result of Peter’s style of coaching, allied to his expert use of his comprehensive studio facility.

Peter Says:

Robert has steadily reduced his handicap from 20 to 14 and I expect several more reductions in his handicap as his stance posture and swing become even more consistent.

Nick Taylor - Dudsbury Golf Club, Dorset, UK. - 6th March 2015

Peter has a passion for seeing golfers improve and is always willing to help in every way possible. He has supreme knowledge about the the game having researched the swings of some of the best golfers in the world from a vast database spanning nearly 60 years. I have been having lessons with Peter for a number of years and his teaching approach is very straight forward and easy to identify with using video analysis to improve the fundamentals of the golf swing.

Peter has taught me to me understand the golf swing and how to make most effective use of the limited amount of time I am able to practice. More importantly, he has enabled me to recognize the reasons I hit poor shots on the course and to make the correct adjustments to improve my ball striking and scoring. I know that every golfer will benefit from their time spent with Peter and would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning to play golf or to improve their game.

Peter Says:

Nick plays at Dudsbury Golf Club,Dorset U.K. and I have taught him for 12 years Nick plays off a handicap of 5 and can play to scratch when he is playing really well. Nick just needs the facts and not the theories so he can practice them and it works extremely well for him. 

Peter Thompson relaxes in his studio with just a few photographs of his winning pupils. Peter says ''their handicaps range from 36 to +5 and I am proud that my system produces results for all golfers''

George Rippon is over the moon because his first venture onto a golf course was in March 2007 and after 12 lessons with Peter George had consecutive rounds of 78,78,78 and 75 at the lovely Moors Valley Golf Course in Dorset, U.K.

David Nicholls knows Peter's tuition works as David won the 2004 March Medal at Knighton Heath Golf Club,Dorset,U.K. with a score of 73 - 10 = nett 63.

Mark Plummer knows Peter's system works as he holds the record for the lowest gross score ever recorded, a gross 59, at the Truro Golf Club, in the West Region of the P.G.A. U.K. in 1999.

Michelle Clement knows Peter's tuition  works as her handicap has been reduced from 36 to 19 at Dudsbury Golf Club,Dorset U.K.

Jessica Pearsey knows how well Peter's system  works as her handicap fell from 17 to 4 in 2 years at Ferndown Golf Club,Dorset U.K.

Gary Wolstenholme  is acknowledged as the finest English Amateur of all time and his handicap came down from +1 to +5. An amazing achievement under Peter's guidance.

Richard Morris won the Dorset County Championships at The Dorset Golf & Country Club,Dorset U.K. in May 2006 so he knows Peter's tuition works.

Peter Reddin knows Peter's system works as he won the Crane Valley Senior's Championship  in 2002 and 2006 and the Veterans Championship in 2008. Crane Valley is in Dorset U.K.

Philip Steen is sure the system works as his handicap has fallen steadily from 18 to scratch. Philip plays at Frilford Heath,Oxford U.K.

In 2007 Philip represented the Dorset Colts,Wessex under 19's.,Ferndown's 1st. team,University of Bristol's 1st.team,O.C.Halford Hewitt team and Bristol and Clifton's1st. team. Philip was unbeaten for the season whilst playing for Ferndown and the University of Bristol teams,

Martin Young knows Peter's tuition works as won the 2006 English Mid-Amateur Champion (The Logan Trophy) with rounds of 66, 71 and 71 at Hayling Island G.C, Hampshire U.K. to win by 5 shots. Martin has had is handicap reduced to an amazing +4 (2014) and  he has won dozens of amateur tournaments since his first lesson with Peter in 2002.

Eric Cross knows Peter's system works as he won the 2006 Canford Magna Seniors Champion at Canford Magna Golf club,Dorset U.K. Eric has also won the Canford Magna 2010 July medal with a 65 - 6 = net 59. This was Erics's lowest ever round and it equalled the course record. Peter has taught Eric for more than 30 years.

Professional Mark Wiggett knows Peter's system works after scoring a gross 62 at Dudsbury Golf Club,Dorset U.K. in July 2004. a gross 61 at Minchinhampton Golf Club, Gloucestershire,U.K. in 2003 and a fantastic gross 60 at Sherborne Golf Club.Dorset U.K. in 2001

Graham Price knows Peter's system works by winning the Farrington Golf Club, Somerset U.K. Executive Championship in 2003 and the Seniors Knock out in 2008.

Tony Hand knows Peter's system works having won innumerable competitions over the last 15 years under Peter's guidance. Tony has won competitions in Spain and the U.K.

Nigel Knight is sure Peter's lessons works as he has won innumerable competitons including the Melville Bowl and the Leven Cup.

Nigel plays at Ferndown Golf Club,Dorset U.K.

Peter has taught the winners of the following amateur competitions


Dorset County Championship 2002

National Mother and Daughters Championship Royal Mid Surrey Golf Club, Surrey U.K. 1998

Mauritius Championship

Ferndown Club Championship Dorset U.K.  2003

Royal Mid – Surrey Club Championship, Surrey U.K. 1991


Ferndown Club Championship 

Farrington Club Championship 1997

Dorset County Championship  2003

Gloucestersire Champion U.K. 1996


Dorset County Championship U.K. 2002, 2003, 2006 2008 & 2010

Dorset County Strokeplay Championsip U.K.  2002

Devon County Championship

Gloucester County Championship U.K.  1992 1993 1994 & 1996

Hampshire County Championship U.K.  2009  2010 & 2014

Somerset County Championship U.K.  1995

Brockenhurst Club Championship U.K.  2003  2004 & 2007

Ferndown Club Championship U.K.  2004

Canford School Club Championship U.K.  2005

Farrington Golf Club Championship U.K.

Bournemouth Open, Dorset U.K.  2005

Somerset County Squad  South West Team Championship  1999

President's Putter,Rye Golf Club,Sussex U.K.  2009 & 2010

East Berks Stag Trophy, Berkshire U.K. 1993


South West Junior Championship  U.K. 2003

Peter Thompson has coached over one hundred assistant professionals, fully qualified professionals and tournament professionals.

The numbers include winners of: -

The National Assistants Championship U.K.  1994 - Mark Plummer

The World Pro - Am Championship - John Slaughter

The Australian Open Championship  1991 - Wayne Riley

The Kenyan Open Championship  1990 - Jeremy Robinson  & 2002 - Lee James

The Portugese Open Championship  1987 - Robert Lee

The Welsh Open Championship - Mark Plummer

The Bournemouth Alliance Championship U.K.

The South West Assistants League U.K.

West of England Championship U.K.

Mizuno Assistants Championship U.K.  1994

Rhondda Welsh Masters U.K.

South West Championship U.K. 2001

Devon Professional Championship U.K.  2002 - James Langmead

Europro Tour Event Dudsbury Golf Club, Dorset U.K. 2001

West Region Short Course Championship U.K.

B.M.W. Classic Dudsbury Golf Club, Dorset U.K. 2001

Monmouth Pro-Am U.K.

Thoulston Park Pro-Am U.K.  1993

Kingsdown Pro-Am U.K.  1993

Taylor Made Metal Challenge Chipping Sodbury U.K.  1993

La Scala Pro-Am Spain

Staddon Heights Pro-Am  U.K.

Minchinhampton Pro-Am  U.K,  2003

Truro Pro-Am Cornwall U.K.  1999

Sherborne Pro-Am  U.K.  2001

White Hart Four Ball  U.K. 

West of England Championship U.K.  1998



Mark Plummer had a gross 59 – lowest ever score in the P.G.A. West Region U.K.

Mark Wiggett has had gross scores of 62,61 & 60.

Robert Lee had a gross 27 in the first  9 holes of the first round ( then a world record) of the 1987 Portugese Open Championship ( winner )