Myths of Golf

Myths of Golf 1 - Looking at the ball.

Myth 1 - Looking at the ball

Looking at the ball can be damaging as it will slow down the essential body turn through the shot causing the club head and therefore the ball to veer to the left creating a pulled or sliced shot. This DVD will show you two former world no.1 golfers actually looking at the target before they strike the ball. Seeing is believing and if you strive for more distance and control this DVD will open your eyes.

Myths of Golf 2 - Keep the head still.

Myth 2 - Keep the head still

One of the most damaging myths in the entire game is 'keep the head still' Attempting to keep the head still will completely ruin any chance of making the necessary movements required to produce good golf shots. This insightful DVD will shatter the myth of keeping the head still by examining the head movements of Tiger Woods,Ben Hogan and Lee Westwood.

Not one golfer has ever won a major championship by keeping their heads still. Why should you?

Myths of Golf 3 - Have the shaft parallel to the ground at the top of the backswing.

Myth 3 - Have the shaft parallel to the ground at the top of the back swing

According to most golf books and coaches the shaft should be parallel to the ground at the top of the back swing.

Peter exposes this myth with irrefutable evidence that having the shaft parallel at the top of the back swing is not necessary and will lead to inconsistency and loss of distance.

Myths of Golf 4 - Maintain your spine angle.

Myth 4 - Maintain your spine angle

Maintaining your spine angle is a very damaging myth as it is physically impossible to achieve and any attempts to do so will lead to problems with your back,hips and knees. Peter will show you some of the world's best golfers, Henry Cotton and Byron Nelson from the 1930's and 1940's and one of the games brightest new stars Rory Mcllroy not maintaining their spine angles.

Your spine is not and cannot be straight therefore it cannot have an angle as an angle is created when two straight lines intersect.

Myths of Golf 5 - Drop the hands inside to start the downswing.

Myth 5 - Drop the hands inside to start the downswing

Dropping the hands inside to start the down swing has been one of golf's great myths for a long time. This very influential DVD will prove that the hands actually come down on the outside of the line they went back on. The big easy, Ernie Els, will prove once and for all that the hands do not drop inside. Look and learn from Peter's suburb observations of Ernie's swing and longer and straighter shots will follow.

If your hands drop on the inside your shots will go to the right so if you want to hit your shots straight Peter will show you how.

Myths of Golf 6 - The address and impact positions are the same.

Myth 6 - The address and impact positions are the same

The address and impact positions should be the same is another myth that is far removed from reality. Peter will show you the swing of the world's best golfer to date, Jack Nicklaus, who at impact does not have one part of his body or his golf club in the same position they were in when he addressed the ball.

Learn from Peter's incisive analysis of Jack's swing and transform your game.

Myths of Golf 7 - Roll the wrists

Myth 7 - Roll the wrists

The golf ball is in contact with the club head at impact for 1/2 of one thousandth of one second. with this fact in mind the myth of rolling the wrists is almost beyond comprehension. Peter will prove categorically that the wrists are not rolling at impact but they are keeping the club face square to the target line. Driving the ball forward with every club in the bag will increase your distance and improve your direction and consistency.

Myths of Golf 8 - Maintain your height.

Myth 8 - Maintain your height.

Maintaining your height is another myth that does not meet the reality checks of the world's best golfers. Peter will show you some phonemal golfers, including Tiger Woods who never maintain theis heights but in fact allow their heads to drop up to 12". If a world class golfer like Tiger Woods does not maintain his height then maybe the myth is gobbledegook.


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