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Philips best ever score - gross 64. March 2020.

Philip had his best ever score recently - a gross 64 at the beautiful West Hill Golf Course in Surrey UK.

 Philip has had gross scores of 66 & 65 so maybe a 63 next time?

With all of the golf courses in the UK closed when will that be?

I have taught Philip for 20 years -  since he was 12 years old in fact. His handicap went as low as scratch. Teaching Video 46 will take you through his remarkable  journey.

I do hope we are back to some semblance of order soon as golfers do love their game & I love teaching it.

Rain, rain and more rain. February 2020.

Rain, rain and more rain.

Here in the United Kingdom it seems to have been raining for a long time. Many courses have been closed for days or even weeks. When the courses are actually open the wet conditions mean the ball has to be struck before the ground or the strike will be poor.

One of my pupils, Gary Wolstenholme, played in the 1995 Walker Cup at Royal Porthcawl, a wondferful golf course in South Wales. His opponent in the singles was Tiger Woods - still an amatuer.


Wishing all of my subscribers and pupils a great 2020 and an exciting year of golf with lots of wins and lowering of handicaps.

Above all just enjoy playing the best game in the world in beautiful surroundings.


Hayley Davis tops the Order of Merit on the LET Access Tour. September 2019.

Hayley came to see me at the end of January 2019.

I explained to Hayley the importance of the stance ( 75% of the shot ) and the first move back ( 85% of the shot ) and the completion of the back swing ( 95% of the shot).

Hayley took this all on board and nine months later Hayley sits proudly on top of the Order of Merit on the LET Access Tour with 28,091.50 points -  2,000 points ahead of her nearest rival. Almost 200 ladies play on the Access Tour with the top five graduating to the main Ladies European Tour in 2020.

The Greatest Game Ever Played.


I mentioned a golf film I had seen by Walt Disney called The Greatest Game Ever Played to one of pupils, The book is about the 1913 US Open.  He said he had not seen the film but had read the book. He let me borrow the book and it is probably the best book I have ever read on any subject.

It was written by Mark Frost and the ISBN No. is 978 - 0 7515 - 3326 - 2.

If you love the history of the best game in the world this book is well worh reading.

David Stockman improves his scores. March 2019.

David Stockman lives and plays golf in Thailand. David was scoring between 82 & 90 and after an online golf lesson with Peter he scored  74 & 78. Peter analysed David's swing and suggested that he looked at Top Tip 1 ( Hip turn ) and Teaching Video 5 ( The feet ). David made a few small changes as per the videos and improved almost straightaway.

Well done David.

Kevin has his best ever score - January 2019.

Kevin has had is best ever score - level par - at the beautiful Parkstone Golf Club, Poole, UK

Kevin had a lesson from me the week before and we discussed various aspects of his swing and the conclusion was that the hip and shoulder turn was vital as the peripheral parts of the swing - arms, wrists and the golf club could not work if the core part of the body was not performing correctly.

Kevin played his next round thinking only of turning in the back swing and it worked beautifully.

Well done.


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