From the age of three days Peter has been involved in the greatest game in the world. His Father was a green keeper and  become a green keeper/golf professional at Whitby Golf Club in Yorkshire,U.K. His Father then became a full golf professional. Peter's brother, Brian was also a golf professional and won the Midland Assistants Championship and the Lord Derby Under 23 Match Play Champion in 1973. When Peter left school he went to work on the golf course at Belton Park Golf Club, Lincolnsire U.K. where his Father was the professional. After an extremely enjoyable year working on the golf course Peter became an assistant professional to his Father. Peter's Mother has her name on many of the honours boards at Belton Park Golf Club and his sister Barbara was an extremely good golfer with a handicap of 7. Barbara won the Lincolnshire Girls Championship for 3 consecutive years A truly golfing family.

Whilst Peter was at Belton Park he became the Lincolnshire Alliance Champion and the Lincolnshire Professional Champion. His love of teaching was formulated at Belton Park as he seemed to have the ability to look at a swing and assimilate the faults in his mind and crucially be able to relate them back to his pupils. One of Peters first lessons was to a Mr. Toogood. Peter had played with him and he knew how to improve his technique so he did and he improved. This was great Peter thought and still does 46 years later.

Tony Jacklin won The Open in 1969 and then he won the U.S. Open in 1970. The week after he won the U.S.Open Peter played in the same Pro - Am as Tony and they tied for first place with 69's. The members of Belton Park were so impressed that they sponsored Peter to spend the following Winter playing on the South African P.G.A. Tour. Unfortunately Peter did not shine on the Sunshine Tour but he loved the Country and the experience and he is still grateful to the members of Belton Park Golf Club and his Father for allowing him to have the experience.

Peter became the Head Professional at the Kettering Golf Club in 1975 and he established himself as the leading coach in the area. In 1976 Peter discovered the Magic of Video and he has used cameras ever since as his pupils could see what Peter could see. It really transformed his coaching and moved it to a higher level. Peter established his first teaching studio when he was at Kettering and in 1982 he moved to The Army Golf Club in Surrey U.K. where Peter had his second studio built. This was amazingly successful and under his guidance Wayne Riley won the Australian Open and Robert Lee won the Portuguese Open with a world record of 27 for the first nine holes in the first round.

Peter then spent ten years building his own golf complex, Farrington Golf Club in Somerset,U.K. and part of the complex included his third video teaching studio. Peter's teaching successes continued with Jeremy Robinson winning the Kenyan Open and Mark Plummer winning the National Assistants Championship. Mark also produced a gross 59 at Truro Golf in this period- a truly outstanding score. Peter coached the Somerset County Golf Squad and they won the South West Team Trophy for the first time in 32 years.

Finally Peter moved to his favourite County, Dorset in 2000 where he now has his latest and most sophisticated studio with a computerised teaching system based at the Parley Golf Centre in Christchurch, Dorset,U.K. One of Peter's proudest moments occurred in May 2007 when Gary Wolstenholme, whom he had coached from his Farrington days and for twelve years in total, was awarded an M.B.E for his services to golf.